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Burger King's Latest Whopper Is So Special

Burger King's newest Whopper is dubbed the "Ice Whopper" because it has ice on it.

Only available in Japan as part of the "Natsukoi Set," which costs 1000 yen ($7.45 U.S.). To order one, reserve it online; it won't be offered at Burger King counters.

The Natsukoi set will only be offered on August 19 and 20 at Umi no le Oasis on Morito Kaigan Beach in Kanagawa Prefecture.

 This ice meal is only available at a specified place and time.

Burger King is the king of innovative antics to entice customers.

Burger King displays daring in what it's prepared to do to attract consumers' attention, from its pregnant cravings campaign to its Tokyo Teriyaki Tower Burger.

Burger King's overseas sales made up 60% of worldwide sales.

Burger King's international division gained traction in key worldwide countries and posted another quarter of impressive system-wide sales growth, up 28% and adding $600 million year-over-year.

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