Burger King Is To Undergo Major Changes

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Elevated branding

Burger King intends to attract new generations of consumers like McDonald's.

The restaurant stated it will "update" and "modernise" its brand, providing meaning and relevance to basic ideas like "flame grilling" and its 1970s tagline "Have It Your Way"

It's all about the Whopper

Burger King will treat its Whopper like a big thing, because it is.

The flame-grilled burger will get a premium makeover with new flavour extensions and enhanced execution across the chain's kitchens.

But also about Chicken Sandwiches

Burger King replaced its Ch'King chicken sandwiches with the Royal line, signalling a new menu strategy that shows no tolerance for failed products.

The parent business says Royal Crispy Chicken sandwiches are easier to manufacture, improving the visitor experience. They're only the beginning; BK aims to become a chicken destination.

Advertising on steroids

The firm plans to boost its advertising budget by 30% in the next two years, so expect more efforts to engage customers and improve the guest experience.

Restaurant refresh

Burger King is rebranding. The network will co-invest in restaurant technology, cooking equipment, and building upgrades at thousands of sites.

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