Buffalo Wild Wings Is Introducing a New Chicken Sandwich

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BWW has 26 sauces and spices. The sports bar company is debuting a new chicken sandwich that's suitable for your favourite sauce.

The Saucy Chicken Sandwich debuted on July 13 and comprises hand-breaded chicken slathered in your choice of sauce or spice, then topped with pickles and served between a challah bun.

BWW's says its range of sauces sets its chicken sandwich unique from rivals. It's not only classic or spicy. We've ranked every sauce on menus to help you choose.

Buffalo Wild Wings' 26 sauces and spices "set us unique," CMO said.

"We realised we had to use all of our sauces and seasonings while producing a new Chicken Sandwich" she continues.

On June, the business put chicken tenders in a wiener bun and called it the Bird Dawg.

 The Loaded Bird Dawg has beer cheese and wild honey mustard; the BBQ Bird Dawg has fries and Honey BBQ sauce.

And the Buffalo Bird Dawg has ranch, napa slaw, and BWW's Medium Buffalo sauce.

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