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Bridal Makeup Tips For Dry Skin

1. Exfoliation:

Keep Your Skin Glow

Dead skin cells are removed initially. Dry skin accumulates dead skin faster, making this crucial. Wedding makeup looks best on exfoliated skin.

2. Cleanse:

All skin types need a daily ph-balanced face wash routine. Dry skin requires gentle face cleansers. Avoid soaps.

3. Tone:

Toning must follow cleansing. Use a non-stretching toner.

After Perfect Night Routine

Nightly, apply a mixture of glycerine and water to your skin and massage. Add 2–4 drops of olive oil if you like.

1. Foundation:

Use Proper Makeup

Dry-skinned brides must choose cosmetics carefully. Dry skin needs oil-based foundations. Water-based and gel-based products will only irritate your skin.

2. Concealer:

Use cream concealer with little makeup brushes.

3. Blush:

Peachy or rosy colours suit your skin tone. Use cream or stick blushes. Avoid powder blushes. They dry and break makeup bases.

4. Lips:

Your bride pout should be noticed. Exfoliate lips. Then considerable moisturization.

Shine On

Dry skin makes applying makeup difficult, especially on a special occasion when you need your makeup to last all day. Our guidance will help.

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