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Blue Smokey Eye Makeup

You Will Need

Black eyeliner
Metallic blue eyeliner, kohl or eye shadow

Silver eyeshadow
Fake lashes
Eyeshadow brushes

step 1

Applying a thick coat of eyeliner to an eyelid that has recently been hidden and primed is the next step. This will act as the foundation for the smokes at the beginning.

step 2

Make sure there are no hard lines by smudging it all the way into the crease as well as a little bit above it.

step 3

It's time to break out the royal color! Make use of a pigmented eyeshadow, kohl, or an eye pencil that has a metallic blue color. Put some of it on your eyelid.

step 4

Blend it together thoroughly, but be careful not to disturb the black base that we developed earlier. Just make sure the changeover is as seamless as possible.

step 5

Apply the blue shadow along the lower lash line as well, and smudge it out to complete the smokey appearance you were going for.

step 6

A tiny bit of silver eyeshadow should be applied just above the crease.

step 7

Mix everything together until it is completely smooth, and if required, add more of the product.

step 8

To complete the appearance and add a touch of glitz and glamour, apply some mascara, artificial eyelashes, and glitter.

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