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Black Girl Makeup For Different Occasions

Choose Right Foundation

Blank canvas for makeup. Foundation here. Understand your skin tone before selecting a foundation to avoid looking weird. You're beautiful, so show off your skin.

Choose Good Brush

After choosing a foundation, softly apply it to your face to smooth out any blemishes. But using a decent brush to blend the product effortlessly.

Choose a dense foundation brush or kabuki. This makes foundation application simple and seamless. Blending is a craft.

Mask’em With Concealer

We all know that time and environmental conditions affect our skin. Concealers cannot always give us a perfect face. Run a lighter one over your flaws.

Doing so will cover facial wrinkles and age spots, especially beneath your eyes and around your nose. Buff concealer like foundation.


Contouring is essential for facial dimension. Use one tone darker contouring than your base foundation. This lets you highlight features like your cheekbones and soften others.

Don’t Forget The Blush

Choose a color that matches your skin, tap the brush on it, then sweep it around the cheeks for an instant rosy effect.

You don't want Rudolf's cherry red nose, so dab a little on your nose tip. Anyway, now you can lightly press the blush brush on your chin to highlight your pink face.


Black girl makeup requires proper lighting, just like framing and smoothing. Your highlighter transforms your face from plain to sassy and fierce.

Eye Makeup

Let your imagination speak. Before that, shape your brows properly because they highlight the eyes. You can shape and fill in sparse brows without coloring them.

After that, do your eyes (winged eyes, intense black eyes, delicate tones) and add vitality to your eyelashes with lots of mascara. Fake lashes add drama.


As a beginner, you must first evaluate your undertone before applying lipstick.

Because there are so many lip colors for African American women, you don't want to get dizzy choosing one. After determining the undertone, choose and apply lip colors.

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