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Best Ways to Tighten Your Face Skin at Home

Microcurrent Devices

These low-voltage devices simulate muscular energy generation. This current is thought to strengthen and tone muscle over time, like a face exercise,

although there isn't much research to support it (which, given the devices' price, may not be worth it). 


Phototherapy targets fibroblasts and stimulates collagen and elastin production to tighten skin over time, but it requires derma approval.

“If you are prone to hyperpigmentation, see your dermatologist before using phototherapy, as heat and light may exacerbate dark spots depending on the cause.”

Collagen-Producing Skincare

Doubling down on your skincare isn't the fastest approach to obtain results, but it works.

If you want to tighten, collagen—a protein our bodies generate that plumps skin—is your new best friend.

Some ingredients boost collagen production, but collagen products don't work.


Does retinol do everything? Well, yeah. It cannot pay rent or taxes.but it boosts skin cell and collagen production, plumping and tightening skin.

Prescription retinoids like tretinoin and tazarotene work quicker, while over-the-counter treatments are gentler and healthier for sensitive skin.

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