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Butterfly Tattoos

A butterfly may inspire new ink. Butterflies symbolize change, perseverance, optimism, and love. Women like it because of its feminine design.

Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoos convey knowledge, bravery, and protection. Many civilizations have magical beast tales. European and East Asian myths feature them.

Lion Tattoos

The lion, the king of the forest, is revered and feared. Many tattoo this strong predator because of its strength, bravery, monarchy, and knowledge.

Semicolon Tattoos

Semicolon tattoos are personal. It symbolizes mental health and sadness and reminds the user that their tale is not done.

Wolf Tattoos

Wolf tattoos symbolize love and devotion. These gorgeous creatures live in groups and survive by numbers. Native Americans revere the wolf.

Elephant Tattoos

Elephants symbolize strength and wealth. As the phrase goes, "an elephant never forgets," which is why they symbolize wisdom.

Scorpion Tattoos

These predatory arachnids may inflict harm, therefore persons who pick this sign frequently want it to warn others. Scorpion tattoos are strong and intimidating.

Snake Tattoos

Japanese snake tattoos symbolize power, defense, and luck, while Native Americans value rattlesnakes. Because snakes lose their skin, serpent ink symbolizes rebirth.

Heart Tattoos

Heart tattoos are popular for good reason. It represents love, sorrow, and heartache to the wearer and is renowned worldwide.

Skull Tattoos

Skull tattoos are complicated and time-consuming. It symbolizes death in many civilizations. These designs may have many meanings and have been popular ink for decades.

Watercolour Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are great for bolder designs than black ink. The process gives a gloss that appears if someone painted a masterpiece on your skin.

Angel Tattoos

Angel tattoos may be uplifting and encouraging or sad and dangerous. These tattoos are great for religious persons who wish to show their religion.

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