Best Oatmeal Habits if You Have Diabetes

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Milk and yoghurt make terrific overnight oats bases. Add oats, milk, Greek yoghurt, berries, and almonds to a mason jar (or any lid) and let set overnight.

Make overnight oats with protein

Adding an egg to your oats may be the secret you need for keeping your breakfast oats diabetes-friendly.

Add an egg to your oatmeal

While your oatmeal is cooking, add a whisked egg to add some protein and important micronutrients.

The healthy individuals can consume up to two eggs per day within the context of a heart-healthy dietary pattern.

Adding nut butters, nuts, and seeds to oatmeal helps balance blood sugar and keep you full.

Top your oats with healthy fats

If you're trying to stabilize your blood sugar, you may want to avoid even the natural sweeteners.

Although maple syrup, agave, and honey sound like healthier alternatives than sugar, they can also raise blood glucose.

Instead, use berries or other fruits to add taste, fibre, and antioxidants to your oats.

Many people only think about oatmeal in the morning, but you can twist things up by turning oatmeal into oatmeal energy bites.

Turn your oatmeal into energy bites

Make your energy bites with pureed Medjool dates as the base, or the "glue" that holds them together (providing fiber and nutrients), then add your oats (for fiber).

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