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Best Makeup Shades If You Have Gray Hair


When my hair went gray, I had to change my makeup routine, so I wanted to share those tips.

First, going gray will wipe you out, so adding color is crucial. I suggest bronzer. I utilize bronzer on my face's high points and as eyeshadow.

Shades of Pink

Pink cheeks, lips, and eyeshadow are always a safe bet.

If you've ditched hair dye, this pink mix will enhance your features and brighten your face. Nude tones wipe out gray hair. Color pops are essential.


Champagne or beige tones will warm up your face and refresh your skin if you wish to dazzle. Whether going out in the day or evening, trying different champagne tones will offer warmth.

Bright Berries

Try strong hues if you have gray hair. Gray hair's neutral palette makes these brighter hues sparkle.

It also avoids the washed-out effect. Gray-haired people can use plum or mauve eyeshadow.

Bold Reds

It is common to think that lip color would overpower your look, however the contrary is true.

Reds, deep pinks, berries, and dramatic plums will enhance your gray hair and balance your features.

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