Best Healthy Boxed Mac & Cheeses

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Goodles Mac & Cheese

This mac and cheese has the most protein per serving, 14 grammes. There are 21 nutrients and 6 grammes of prebiotic fibre.

Real cheese, non-GMO, no artificial flavours or preservatives. The nutritious boxed mac & cheese has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.

Banza Mac & Cheese

Made with chickpea pasta, Banza mac and cheese packs 5 grams of fiber per serving!

15 grammes of protein and 640 milligrammes of sodium per serving. This mac and cheese provides 15% of your daily calcium and only 7 grammes of fat.

Modern Table Mac & Cheese

Made with lentils, peas, and rice, this pasta is gluten-free and packed with plant-based protein and cheese!

With 4 grammes of fibre and 16 grammes of protein per serving, you'll feel full. Plus, each dish has 600 mg salt.

Birds Eye Steamfresh Veggie Mac & Cheese

This mac and cheese uses zucchini and lentils. This veggie-packed snack has 170 calories and 10 grammes of protein per serving.

Annie's Organic Grass Fed Classic Cheddar Mac & Cheese

Annie's organic mac and cheese incorporates grass-fed cheese. This is a good alternative for folks without dairy or gluten allergies. 

9 grammes of protein per serving keeps you satisfied. Annie's Organic Grass Fed Mac & Cheese has no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives.

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