Best Hair Colors for Women Over 50

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1) Warm Blonde

Honey or caramel blonde tints can provide warmth to the face and suit golden or olive skin tones.

2) Cool Blonde

Cool blonde colors, such as platinum or icy blonde, can provide a sleek, sophisticated style and suit fair skin tones.

3) Rich Brown

Chestnut or chocolate brown tones can add depth and dimension to hair, making it appear thicker and more vivid. 

4) Auburn

Auburn colors such as copper and mahogany can add warmth and brightness to hair, making it appear more youthful and alive.

5) Red

Red hues such as strawberry blonde or blazing red can make a bold statement. These colors complement fair to medium complexion tones.

6) Gray

Gray hair can be a terrific alternative for those who desire a more natural look. Gray hair may be attractive when groomed correctly.

7) Balayage

Balayage is a method in which highlights are painted onto the hair to give a natural-looking, sun-kissed finish.

8) Highlights

Highlights are a traditional hair color choice that can add depth and character to hair. 

9) Ombre

Ombre is a method that includes blending one hue into another, usually from dark at the roots to light at the ends.

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