Best Fruits for Your Blood Sugar


Apples include fibre and chemicals that may help lower blood sugar, such as quercetin and chlorogenic acid.


One medium apple has over 4 grammes of fibre and under 20 grammes of sugar. Apple slices with nut butter might help regulate blood sugar and make your snack more enjoyable.

Pear peels are blood sugar-friendly. A medium pear provides 6 g of fibre, or 21% of RDV. Peeling pears diminishes blood sugar-regulating fibre and vitamin C.


Blueberries top yoghurt parfaits and porridge. Eating these berries may boost insulin sensitivity, helping regulate blood glucose.


In males with type 2 diabetes, blueberry eating improved glucose and insulin control. Eating blueberries improves glucose control and insulin levels in inactive people.

These ruby beauties are deceptive. Because they're developed from a blossom and include seeds, tomatoes are technically a fruit.


Coconut gives many dishes and snacks a distinctive, delicious taste. This tropical fruit is naturally low in sugar, with 5 grammes per one-cup serving.


Coconut also contains fat and fiber, adding to the list of reasons why this fruit is a-ok when trying to manage blood sugar.

Avocados are low in sugar (1 gramme per serving), contain healthful fats, fibre, and magnesium, a mineral that enhances insulin sensitivity.


Avocados are caloric, therefore consuming too many may lead to weight gain and blood sugar management issues. Keep avocado intake moderate.

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