Best Fast-Food Ice Cream To Buy

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$1 soft serve at Burger King. Frosty and melting. Burger King is a great option for families with several hungry children.

Burger King

This soft serve ice cream arrived with a nice consistency and it didn't melt too quickly. As you can see, McDonald's achieved a sky-high swirl, which was also impressive.


There's probably a Dairy Queen nearby to quench your summer ice cream need. Quick service and a $2.39 cone.

Dairy Queen

While Shake Shack is known for its fast-food milkshakes, it is also possible to purchase just ice cream. At $4.29, the price was high, and it only came in a cup.

Shake Shack

Chick-fil-A offers its Ice Dream Cone at a cost-efficient $1.69. This cone was flavorful and refreshing, but it did have more of a frosty mouthfeel rather than creamy.


Baskin-Robbins has more than "31 flavours." We chose vanilla ice cream in a cake cone, although waffle cones and toppings were also available.


Cold Stone Creamery prepares handcrafted ice cream on frozen granite stones. With so many mix-in possibilities, ordering vanilla ice cream in a dish proved tough.

Cold Stone

Culver's vanilla frozen custard earned high honors in our book. From the first lick, you could taste the fresh dairy and real vanilla flavor.


Oberweis illustrates vanilla isn't basic. This ice cream uses real cream and vanilla. Behind the counter, waffle cones were made to order.


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