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Best Colors to Wear If You Have Hazel Eyes

Deep Neutrals

Grays, beige, and darker browns can highlight hazel eyes, which are flexible. That eyes can change color depending on light.


Purple, especially richer tones, enhances hazel eyes. Hazel eyes contrast beautifully with purple's chilly undertones.

Purple matches hazel eyes since it's opposite yellow on the color wheel. Blue-violet complements deep, subdued yellow best.

Earth Tones

Hazel eye colors must match. Hazel eyes look warm and deep with browns, golds, and rich oranges.

Olive greens, mossy tints, or brilliant emeralds will contrast with hazel eyes' brown and gold tones, highlighting their particular traits and lightening the face.


Due to their multi-tonal nature, hazel eyes have several color options. Warmer shades make eyes pop.

Due to the green flecks in your hazel eyes, a muted burgundy complements olive green best. Burgundy matches most color schemes as a pseudo-neutral.


Yellow suits hazel eyes since they often have gold or yellow specks.

Yellow comes in mustard, amber, metallic, and jewel tones like topaz. Deep, subdued yellows enhance hazel eyes and make them bounce.

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