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Best Colors to Attract Good Luck According to an Astrologer

to attract financial luck: Green and gold

Green symbolizes wealth, luck, and prosperity. It's associated to balance, calm, and healing.

Gold represents royalty, vitality, power, and prosperity. These hues can help you manifest additional money and possibilities.

to attract luck in love: Red and pink

Pink and red are the most romantic hues. Red symbolizes passion, courage, vitality, and warmth. Pink is lively and gentler.

Red boosts self-confidence. Pink is ideal for your flirty side.

to attract luck in friendship: Yellow and orange

The two strongest hues represent warmth, creativity, openness, freedom, and expression.

Yellow brightens your mood and makes your words flow, while orange adds compassion and friendliness. These two hues will make you feel like a sunbeam.

to attract confidence and luck: Red and purple

Red symbolizes power, passion, and warmth. Red boosts self-confidence and projects it to others.

Purple symbolizes monarchy, power, self-confidence, and wisdom. Purple is best for subtly asserting power.

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