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Best Cat Owner Zodiac Sign


Taurus, a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus, has a profound urge to be comfortable at all times and will devote time, energy, and money to make its residence match this energy.


Cats and Scorpios need isolation and independence, so don't enter without permission.

Will you pet a cat that wants to be petted, or will you make a mistake and have the cat and Scorpio run away?


Cats are delicate, independent, and hard to read. Cat owners have this tendency that doesn't sit well with dog folks who are used to being greeted enthusiastically and licked.


Like Capricorn, cats reward their owners for respecting limits. They won't snuggle with you until you prove yourself worthy.

Even if their cats wake them up at night, Capricorns are terrific cat owners.


Cancerians desire to spoil their loved ones. Cancer can give motherly affection and attention to a beloved cat.


Cats' cleanliness, elegance, and grace make them ideal companions for Libra. The elegant Russian Blue or Maine Coone will appeal to these air signs.

Neediest Zodiac Sign

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