Best Breakfast to Order at McDonald's

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The popular fast-food chain, McDonald's has opened its restaurants nationwide and worldwide, providing various food options for 3 meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In the past, McDonald's has been given a bad rap for the quality of food it serves, but not all its menu items should be given the cold shoulder.

While McDonald's breakfast might not be the first thought that comes to mind for a healthy morning meal, all foods can fit into a healthy diet.

This breakfast sandwich is made with lean Canadian bacon and fluffy eggs. The sandwich offers a good source of protein, iron, vitamin D, and fiber from its simple ingredients.

It also contains a relatively low amount of saturated fat, especially when compared to other McDonald's menu items. The same goes for its low sugar content.

In its entirety, the Egg McMuffin comes at about 310 calories per sandwich. It contains 17 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber with only 3 grams of sugar.

If you're looking to skip the meat and eggs, there's another breakfast item worth considering.

The Fruit and Maple Oatmeal comes in second for its higher fiber and lower saturated fat profile.

Its fiber content is 4 grams, which is 16% of your daily value. It also has less cholesterol than the sandwich, which is a better option for those who are watching their high cholesterol.

It contains a significant amount of sugar, not ideal for a steady stream of energy throughout the day.

Overall, your preference will decide which breakfast item is best for you. More importantly, these nutrition facts should be considered when picking out your McDonald's breakfast.

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