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Best Ab Workout for Men Get Six-Pack

Jackknife Crunch

To set up, lie down on a mat, and extend your arms and legs out so they're completely straight.

Take a deep breath out as you slowly crunch up, using control to bring your arms and legs up to meet each other. 

Next up, it's time for bicycle crunches. This bodyweight exercise will really fire up your core, MasterClass explains.


Your right leg should be bent close to your chest with that shin parallel to the floor.

If opting for reverse crunches, PureGym explains this exercise will fire up your lower abs. To set up, lie flat on your back, bend your knees

Resisted Leg Raise

Then, bring your knees up to your chest as your glutes, hips, lower back, and shoulders come off the floor.

MasterClass, you'll begin by lying down on an exercise mat with both arms fully extended behind your head.

Hollow Body Hold

Both legs should be extended, too. Make sure your lower back maintains contact with the floor. 

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