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Beloved Seafood Chain Is Making a Comeback

The epidemic pushed The Lost Cajun into bankruptcy and prompted them to close many locations.

In April 2012, the gumbo-and-seafood business filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, declaring $1.4 million in liabilities and $338,000 in assets.

The chain's franchisees were facing big losses and indicated they may close their outlets.

The chain emerged from bankruptcy on December 7, but it's not the end for its followers. During the pandemic, the firm lost no restaurants.

It closed three Texas and one Colorado stores but opened four in those states plus South Carolina.

Further expansion is planned. One in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., and one in downtown Florence, S.C., will bring the chain's total to 26 eateries.

The enterprising pair used 100-year-old recipes to create the chain's typical Cajun cuisine. 2015 marked the first franchisee.

I never dreamed that bringing true Cajun food and culture to Colorado would become a beloved brand.

We've successfully navigated COVID-19 thanks to our corporate team, franchisees, and visitors. We're well-positioned for growth in 2022 and beyond.

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