Beloved Grocery Chain Is Opening New Convenient Locations

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If you've ever been lost in a supermarket maze when all you need is one item, you'll appreciate a retailer's initiative to reduce its footprint.

Meijer has that for its busy shoppers. Midwest retailer Meijer will create two smaller, easier-to-navigate stores in southeast Michigan.

Meijer is one of America's largest privately-owned corporations, with 250 locations in six states. Meijer supercenters provide "all-in-one" shopping.

Finding one or two goods in a huge store may be intimidating and time-consuming. Sometimes you simply want to go in, get out, and go.

Meijer Grocery. These new stores will have a smaller, easier-to-navigate layout for "simplified shopping." A typical Meijer supercenter runs roughly 155,000 square feet.

Another perk of the smaller stores? Parking will wrap around a corner entry to maximise available spaces near the door.

These new sites will provide the same shopping advantages as Meijer supercenters, such as mPerks, Shop and Scan, and Meijer Home Delivery and Pickup.

Don Sanderson, Meijer's Group Vice President of Foods, stated, "We're delighted to offer customers another option to shop."

This new concept store will give clients with everything they need on their weekly shopping trip and a quick and easy answer when they forget an item while preparing supper.

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