Beauty Hacks To Hide A Double Chin

Contouring your jawline helps disguise a double chin. It's usually two tones darker and grey.

Makeup contouring

Matte formula. Blend that well to avoid harsh lines or color spots. After blending, powder to finish!

Makeup may hide a double chin beyond contouring. Well-placed blush helps also.

Put your blush on purpose

It just brings a nice completion to the color and helps tie in that area to the rest of your face. Hide your chin by blending it in.

Hair can show or hide a double chin. This style will extend the face and neck and hide the problem.

Try a lob haircut

Worst style? chin-length bob. This style will highlight your chin and roundness.

After your cut, perfect your styling. Avoid severe face framing.

Hair should be styled away from the face

Curl or blow hair off the face. This prevents hair from falling about your face and highlighting a double chin.

Last tip is easy. "Keep your chin down—women did this years ago. Conversations, images, and street walks can do this.

Maintain a straight chin

Smile lastly. It makes you and others feel good without makeup! We said it would be easy.

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