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Beautiful Short Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Women

Side Swept Brown Hair

Small dreadlocks were easy to wear without pinning or braiding. This style dyes black hair ombre or dark brown.

Natural Black with Dip Dyed

This dip-dye style gives dreadlocks a two-tone effect. This results in natural black dreads with blonde or dark brown ends.

Dark Black Dreadlock

Medium-length jet black hair have been swept over the head & braided across, with the rest hanging loosely at the back at a high pony angle.

Dreadlock Blonde Hair

This appearance is professional enough for work or weddings. Blonde hair is elegant and suits formal and party styles.

Baby Locks

Dreadlock beginners must endure baby locks or starting locks. One may style infant locks too.

Dreadlocks for Black Women

Curly dreadlocks are entertaining if straight ones are boring. Start by tightening and curling your hair more than normal.

Faux Locks Bob

Faux locks bobs are stylish and protective, and they may help one grow out their hair.  This modern style protects hair well.

Finger Waves

Finger waving involves shaping damp hair into waves or undulations. Molded waves dry as deep waves.

Mohawk Style

Braided dreadlocks twist at the top of the head to create a striking and fashionable Mohawk.

Top Knot style

A high or top bun looks great with medium length to long, thin, tidy dreadlocks. Voluminous hair and a high-top bun may accomplish this style.

Side Swept

Short loose dreadlocks may be produced without braiding or pinning in this style. This easy deadlock hairstyle works for short to medium dreads.

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