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Basic Makeup Tips for Older Women

Place makeup tests correctly

Lipstick, foundation, concealer, and shadow on thumb. Stop wiping store testers on your face and hands. Unsanitary and impractical. Test identical skin.

Apply skincare upward and outward

It fights gravity, drooping, and deep expression lines. Apply creams, serums, and oils from the center. It temporarily increases circulation, dissolves goods into skin, and soothes.

Apply brow makeup before eye makeup

Your eyebrows aren't what they used to be unless they're tattooed, microbladed, or genetically full. Before liner, shadow, and mascara, fill and extend your brows.

Start and stop brow makeup properly

Align any pencil vertically from your nose's outside corner to your inner eye corner. Avoid following drooping brow hairs.

Age makes our faces lopsided. Don’t resist

50-year-olds have unequaled features. Your top lip may be virtually undetectable while your bottom lip is still pouty and one brow may be higher or different.

Makeup sponges add moisture, not makeup

Fingers absorb less makeup than sponges. Each application uses more makeup. Triangle sponges work well too.

New eyelid crease

Deep, hooded, or sagging eyes take up lid space. This emphasizes the sagging overhang and shrinks eye. Forget the old beauty rules about using a light lid shadow and a darker contour.

Eyeliner strategically

Stop auto-lining. Change placement and line thickness daily to achieve a goal.

The middle of your face needs the most makeup

Stop worrying about those cheeky brown spots—no one else notices. Cover redness, dark circles, broken capillaries, and increased pores around your nose.

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