Bacon Brands With Lowest Quality Ingredients

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Great Value Naturally Hickory Smoked Thick-Sliced Bacon

Value-priced Walmart's inexpensive bacon isn't high-quality. "Water" as the first component might indicate a "pumped" or low-quality product.

This bacon contains sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite, and sodium phosphate, which may be unhealthy.

Oscar Mayer Naturally Hardwood Smoked Bacon

Oscar Mayer has been promoting its natural cold cuts line, which is made with zero nitrites or nitrates, but its bacon is another story.

Don't be confused by "naturally." Naturally Hardwood Smoked Bacon contains sodium nitrite, an artificial addition.

Hormel Black Label Bacon

Hormel's Black Label Bacon is tasty, but its components are low-quality. Sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite, and dextrose are added.

Dextrose, often known as maize sugar, is a high-glycemic index sweetener and preservative. Excess consumption can induce weight gain, liver damage, and diabetes.

Kunzler Black Forest Sliced Bacon

Gelatin, corn starch, and caramel colouring are unneeded and harmful in Kunzler's Black Forest Sliced Bacon.

Corn starch, a common thickener, is heavy in calories, carbohydrates, and minerals.

Smithfield Hometown Original Bacon

Chemical additives, such as sodium erythorbate and sodium nitrite, make another appearance in this Smithfield bacon option.

Water, sugar, and salt also take the first, second, and third ingredient spots, which means that you may want to steer clear.

McCormick Bac'n Bits

McCormick Bac'n Bits, the baked potato topping, has no bacon. Texturized soy flour, canola oil, and artificial flavouring make it.

It includes flavour enhancer disodium guanylate. People with gout or uric acid kidney stones should avoid this addition since it raises uric acid levels.

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