Bacon and Hot Dog Prices Are About to Spike

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It's been over a year since the COVID-19 outbreak began, yet consumers are still dealing with shortages of basic foodstuffs.

Furthermore, the recent supply chain interruption may cause a snag in your summertime plans for outdoor events like barbecues.

Why? Because hot dogs and bacon, two traditional holiday foods, are expected to increase in price.

As a result of more people in the United States deciding to prepare their own meals at home and disrupted supply chains, sales and the price of beef increased in the previous year.

Due to increased demand and limited availability, bacon and hot dog prices are expected to remain high throughout the summer.

During these upheavals, shoppers should also expect to find "fewer bargains." Bloomberg also claims that the cost of feeding livestock has increased by 30 percent for farmers.

Every link in the supply chain has been pinched, and there are no signs that this will ease before early summer.

If you find a good offer, stocking up is the greatest defence against the rising costs. Putting meat in the freezer and then eating it at a later time is simple.

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