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Art Of Applying Eyeliner Like A Pro

Choose the Right Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliners are pigmented and precise. These are little bottles with fine-tip brushes. Lakme 9 to 5 Impact Liner is a good starter liquid liner.

Prepping the Eye Area

Eyeliner on oily eyelids can smudge. Thus, wash the eyes and eliminate extra oil. Eye primer or concealer can balance out skin tone on lids.

Basic Eyeliner Techniques

Eyeliner on upper and lower waterlines. This gives you thicker lashes and depth. 

Mastering the Winged Eyeliner

Draw a line upwards and outwards from the outside corner to the tail of your brow. Eye form and preference determine wing angle and length.

Troubleshooting and Fixing Mistakes

Eyeliner application requires accuracy, thus accidents can happen. But a few hacks can fix it quickly.

Eyeliner Tips for Different Eye Shapes

The upper lash line is drawn thinly. Line the lashes as close as possible. Follow your eye's natural shape from the inner corner outward. 

A winged eyeliner is the most fashionable and edgy eyeliner look. This eyeliner creates a dramatic, extended flick at the outside corner of the eye.

Eye Makeup and Finishing Touches

Pairing eye makeup with eyeliners creates a harmonious effect. Natural eyeliner with brown, taupe, or neutral eyeshadow creates a delicate daytime look.

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