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America's Least Favorite Pizza Topping

Pizza toppings are a hot topic at parties, as everyone who's ordered pizza knows. Just asking, "What toppings should we get?" can cause big conflicts.

Vegetarians won't like meat lover's pizza, and others could gag at green toppings.

Worst pizza topping? Anchovy is America's least favourite pizza topping, according to 6,000 adults.

Given how hated anchovies are, it's a marvel they're so common on pizza. 61% of respondents disliked the fishy topping.

Eggplant came in second, followed by artichokes, broccoli, and pineapple. Only 3% of those questioned like plain pizza.

Anchovy aversion may be generational. Compared to those over 54, less than half of 18-24-year-olds despised anchovies.

If anchovies is still accessible at your local pizza, there must be die-hard fans, right? Nope! Only 8% like the topping. Only 6% like eggplant.

What should you order for a crowd? If you're ordering based on popularity rather than health or ethics, choose pepperoni.

64% of respondents prefer it. 56% liked sausage. Mushrooms, cheese, and onions were also popular.

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