America's Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies Brand

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Online chocolate chip cookie recipes are many. There are thousands of best-ever recipes online. Amazon has a plethora of pre-made chocolate chip cookies.

The originator of the chocolate chip cookie probably never envisioned so many brands, yet not all cookies are made equal.

Entenmann's garnered 12.93% of the vote, while the winner got 31%. Entenmann's cookies got 3.4 ratings on Amazon.

Positive reviews included "yummy" and "moist, chewy, and very great," but negative reviews included "it wasn't what I was expecting." We have more poll alternatives.

Chips Ahoy! placed top with 30.99 percent of the vote, followed by Pepperidge Farm with 23%.

Famous Amos rated third with 19.77% of the vote, while Keebler ranked fourth with 13.31%. Entenmann's came in last by a narrow margin, with 12.93% of respondents preferring it.

Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookies have 4.8 ratings on Amazon. 1% of reviewers awarded the cookies 1 star, while 86% gave it 5 stars. 

The reviews were great. "Best cookie" stated one reviewer. "Crunchy and tasty," commented another client.

Respondents love their preferred chocolate chip cookie brand. What's wrong with a chocolate chip cookie?

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