America's Favorite Burger Chain

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Biggest burger empires in America aren't always the best at making consumers happy. America's best burger restaurant has less than 1,000 stores.

 Culver's is the most customer-satisfied burger chain in 2021.

The company evaluated 23 million customer reviews from Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and Yelp to find companies with great cuisine, service, timeliness, price/value, and loyalty.

Culver's 882 restaurants averaged 4.34 out of 5 stars from diners. Sonic Drive-In was second with a 3.69 average. Customers preferred Culver's to others.

Mooyah (4.43), Five Guys (4.21), and Fuddruckers (4.19) topped the fast-casual sector.

Wayback Burgers (3.86), Smashburger (3.77), and Steak 'n Shake (3.74) have space to improve.

Burger King's 3.34 average rating was the lowest in fast food, illustrating that size doesn't imply quality.

Burger businesses did better than other restaurant categories between January and December 2021, statistics indicated.

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