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According To Stylists Best Colors To Wear If You Have Gray Hair


Avoid picking out clothes in hues that are an exact match for the shade of your hair if you have gray hair.

This will make you look older than you are and will make your face look as though its vitality has been drained.


It is recommended that, rather than precisely matching the gray in your hair, you select hues that draw out warmer eye colors such as brown or hazel, especially if you have brown or hazel hair.


If you have bright white hair, it is not a good idea to wear a bright white shirt; rather, you should choose a shirt that is closer in tone to charcoal.


It is a sight to behold when a woman with silver hair dons a red sweater or a red dress because it exudes a sense of refined sophistication.


If you want to add some brightness to your appearance, lavender or a warm pink may truly compliment chilly undertones in a flattering way.


You should load up on warm hues if your skin has warm undertones. Imagine shades of burgundy, fuchsia, and bottle green with a deep tint.

Your skin tone and hair color will both be enhanced as a result of using any of these products.

Rose Gold

Because gray hair brings out the pink overtones in rose gold, we've discovered that rose gold earrings are the greatest choice for those with gray hair.

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