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9 Trendy Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women

Veiled Wedding Hairdo

Here's an unusual veil style for brides who don't wear one. The birdcage veil appears like a little net on your hair.

Curly Hairdo With Glittering Headpiece

The bride looks stunning with her black hair and white gown. The forehead has a sparkling headpiece.

Twisted Braids And Headpiece

Given the texture and thickness of all African hair, braids and twists are a terrific mix.

Curly Twisted Updo

Curls are unstyled. Given the appeal of being yourself without alterations, many black women are adopting this natural look.

Sleek Bun With Veil

Buns are a classic African bridal hairstyle.  With a gorgeous veil, you'll be the best-looking bride at your wedding.

Pompadour Twisted Updo

While the longer strands are twisted into a cylinder, the rest of the hair on the opposite sides is pulled

extremely tightly to the back and swept over to the sides to bring it to the front on the other side.

Curly Waves Style

Beautifully done curls flow flawlessly. This haircut looks fantastic with old clothes. This outfit is romantic.

Curly African Hair With Flowers

A cute layered bob keeps the curls. The different hair lengths show the layering.

Caramel-Brown Highlight And Bun

Caramel brown hair is popular among all women, regardless of hair color. Brown hairstyles, especially those that contrast with black roots, are exciting.

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