9 Tips
To Be More Confident

You may compare your wage to your friend's. Social comparison theory says comparisons are normal. It won't enhance your confidence. It might backfire. 

Stop Making Comparisons to Others

Consider how friends affect you. Are they uplifting or depressing? Are they judgmental or accepting? 

Surround Yourself with Positive Individuals

Abusing your body makes it hard to feel confident. Self-care improves your mind, body, and soul, which boosts your confidence.

Take Care of Yourself

Self-compassion means being gentle to yourself after a mistake, failure, or setback. It helps you manage difficult emotions and connect with others by making you more emotionally adaptable.

Be Kind to Yourself

Negative self-talk might make you think you "can't handle" anything or that it's "too hard" and you "shouldn't even try."

Use Positive Self-Talk

Stop putting off activities like dating or applying for a promotion until you feel more secure. Face your anxieties to gain confidence in these situations.

Confront Your Fears

What happens when you excel? Self-esteem rises. Strengthening your strengths boosts self-confidence. This strategy also boosts life satisfaction.

Do What You're Good At

Recognizing situations that might lower your confidence is as vital as performing things you're excellent at. Maybe a particular hobby makes you feel worse about yourself. 

Understand When to Say No

Failure to accomplish lofty goals lowers confidence. Realistic objectives are doable. Your self-confidence grows when you achieve goals.

Set attainable objectives

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