9 Secrets Fast Food Owners Are Keeping from You


37% of them make less than $50,000 per year, which is less than the average U.S. wage of $53,490 in 2022.

1. Most fast food franchisees aren't profitable

When you enter a clean fast food restaurant, you may assume the owner and managers take their duties seriously and the food is safe.

2. At the cleanest eateries, you may eat chemicals

Corporate shop managers and fast food franchise owners can obtain bonuses for minimal turnover.

3. Even terrible workers can keep owners' incentives

McDonald's soft serve ice cream machines are always breaking. But continual upkeep may not be accidental.

4. Those ice cream machines may be problematic by design

McDonald's corporate leadership hid years of discrimination against store owners of colour, especially Black franchisees.

5. Black business owners endure prejudice

Franchise owners ignore labour laws. Not offering workers breaks, recruiting too-young personnel, and disregarding harassment are examples.

6. Owners ignore labour laws

Some restaurant owners may complain about the cost of installing self-serve kiosks, which can cost over $5,000 per, per Upserve.

7. Self-service kiosks increase spending

Before the 1990s, McDonald's fries included beef tallow. The restaurant switched to vegetable oil frying, however its nutrition label reads "Natural Beef Flavor."

8. Fries aren't vegetarian

Many Subways, Pizza Huts, and Taco Bells closed in 2022. Chi-Chis, Kenny Rogers Roasters, and White Tower have all closed system-wide many times.

9. Fast food establishments close often

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