9 Makeup Tips To Keep You Looking Young

Golden primer works

It plugs pores, smooths wrinkles, and brightens dry skin. This shimmering base glides on and stays place, eliminating "You look tired."

Use a yellower base

If you go a shade or two richer, brown patches and redness will merge into your "background" complexion, eliminating the need for camouflage.

Foundation brush

Makeup shouldn't be layered like a blouse. Instead, paint your skin with your foundation brush using a back-and-forth motion.

Nose no-nos

Foundation your nose front, sides, and under the nostrils. Then expand. Don't forget the area under the nostrils, where discolouration or redness is inevitable.

Power-line your eyes

First, line your upper lids with black or brown gel pencil. Retrace the line with black or brown powder eyeshadow for dramatic definition without a harsh edge.

"Wiggle" mascara on. blacken it

Curl your lashes and use black mascara to define your eyes. Zigzag swipes evenly deposit color without clumps.

Pastel concealer

Peach neutralizes purple or bluish circles, whereas pink neutralizes dark under-eye shadows. Where discolorations are deepest, dab the inner-eye pit around the nose and tear duct.

Blush the cheekbones

You heard? "Apples" are out. Blend cream blush high along the cheekbones and slightly over the ledge since cheeks sag with age. Restores bone structure.

Buy thick lip crayons and pencils

I adore luxury lipsticks, but twist-up cheap fatties make more sense. Instead of generating artificial peaks your top lip, circle the bow with the pointed thick tip.

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