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8 Exercises for Men to Stay Fit After 50


This could involve performing bodyweight box squats, kettlebell goblet squats, or barbell squats with increasing weight.


Maintaining upper body strength and shoulder range of motion is essential for overall fitness and day-to-day strength.


First, they exercise your chest and shoulders in a coordinated and functional manner.


Both the standard barbell deadlift and the Romanian deadlift are popular options. As resistance, you can also use dumbbells or kettlebells.

Overhead Press

Everything, from reaching for tools to tightening light bulbs, requires overhead reach and force.


Rowing exercises involve horizontal pulling and target the major upper back and biceps muscle groups.


Lower-body lunges are an excellent functional exercise. They help improve balance and coordination by simulating the normal gait.

Vertical Rotations

It is essential to incorporate some form of rotational core exercise to maintain core strength and spinal health as you age.

Pro Tips To Lose Weight While Walking

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