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8 Easy Steps To Make French Braid Hairstyle

Step 1

French knots can be done over or under. You can leave braided hair as a rope or make a bun in the back or front.

Step 2

With a rat tail comb, separate the hair where the braid starts. Hair should be cut from the top. Hold three pieces of hair in your fingers.

Step 3

Take the right instead of the middle. The right piece must be in the middle of the other two. Use cross-sections to make plaits. Hold your hair firmly to avoid loose braids.

Step 4

After 3–4 braids, based on the length of your hair, comb the right side and pull hair out of the side. Add them to the three separate pieces you were weaving together.

Step 5

After brushing the left side, add to the plaits. Braid hair slowly from the right ear. In short, to do a French braid, you start with a few strands from the top and add more as you go.

Step 6

Then, take hair from behind the left ear and braid it. For crisscrossing without letting plaits weaken, hair needs to be tight.

Step 7

Start braiding hair from the lower neck and go all the way to the end. For a beautiful French braid, leave at least an inch of hair after plaiting. This makes the hair look like it's full.

Step 8

For rope knots, you need clip bands that are safe for your hair. To make a French braid bun, plait your hair until you reach the end, then tie a ponytail band around it. 

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