8 Controversial Coca-Cola Ads


This 2014 Coke Super Bowl ad was beautiful: it was shot with the visual prowess of a top-budget movie, it contains a hauntingly evocative performance of

1. America Is Beautiful

"America the Beautiful," and its message of a varied yet linked America was comforting. This place drew a tsunami of hatred.

Here's a Coke ad we should remember to keep the brand in mind. The commercial features a group of cheerful, youthful,

2. The Indigenous Coke Delivery Christmas Ad

obviously prosperous, and highly caucasian-looking Mexicans giving a (red) Christmas tree and Coca-Cola to a group of (not-white-looking) indigenous Mexicans.

This 2017 Saudi Arabian Coca-Cola advertisement shows a father training his daughter to drive.

3. Change Has a Taste

Actual gamers slammed and derided the commercial, which showed young people playing mobile games, not consoles or desktops.

4. Real Magic

This Coca-Cola Zero ad is "nightmare fuel" since Pinocchio is accused of lying about Coke Zero's sugar-free flavour.

5. Coca-Cola Zero Pinocchio

In 2013, Coke broadcast an interactive ad in which viewers could vote on who would win a race to a cool Coke in the desert: dancers driving a bus,

6. The Coke Chase Super Bowl campaign

cowboys, "Mad Max"-style cars, or a hot, thirsty Arab leading a flock of refractory camels.

In "Sleepwalker," a guy on safari wakes up and goes over the African savanna, over hills and ridges, and into a settlement where he finds a Coca-Cola refrigerator.

7. Sleepwalker

This 1961 Coke ad is perhaps the worst. Connie Clausen assesses a mannequin's waist before remarking "there's no waistline problem with Coke"

8. Coke Keeps You Thin!


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