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8 Color Tips for Brown Hair Will Keep Your Hair Gorgeous

Color Compass: "Chocolate"

Your desired tones determine the best brown shade/level for you. Reference chocolate often. Milk chocolate is warm while dark chocolate is chilly. This visual aids clients.

Your Complexion

Warm, honey-golden tones complement skin with additional warmth. Cooler or ash-toned hues work for olive skin. Still, this is a suggestion.

Highlight and Lowlight Your Color

Brunettes benefit from highlights and lowlights. To emphasize the depth and richness of the brunette base, add visual highs and lows.

Salon Inspiration

Visuals set expectations and prevent salon hair color mistakes. Bring images of your preferred hair color to your consultation to show your colorist.

Homemade Color

Colors are always numbered 1-10. Level 1 black, Level 10 blondest. Brown hair is 3-7. Instead of lightener or bleach, hair color can color brown hair red, light brown, dark brown, or black.

Go Lighter Carefully

Orange and red are always under hair. Hence, lightening your hair will reveal those pigments. This is why many say, "I pull red" or "My hair gets brassy."

Stay Fit

Healthy hair retains color longer. You should prepare your hair for a new color before heading to the salon or doing it yourself.

Try Hair Gloss

Therefore, we utilize glosses to either add tones we want or cancel out tones we don't want, like an ash brunette gloss to remove redness.

Glosses are fantastic because they're easy to use at home, don't damage the hair cuticle, and provide tone and shine. What else?

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