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7 Wildest Trending Hairstyles Of All Time

1. The Beehive

B-52 style is accurate. The profusion of hair suggests a beehive. Jackie Onassis popularized this hairdo. Women worked beehives in the 60s. 

2. The Mullet

Front business, back party. What may be wrong? A lot. The mullet is well-known. But few wear it. If so, you're bolder than us.

3. The Rachel

Friends brought more than laughs. Jennifer Aniston's hairdo in the first season seemed to explode overnight.

Women were requesting the style at hair salons. "The Rachel" is legendary despite Jennifer Aniston's style changes. 

4. The Five Point Cut

Vidal Sassoon is a great hairdresser. He revolutionized hairstyles in the 1970s with a sleek, edgy cut.

Women experimented with daring new styles. Celebrities happily wearing the cut made it more popular. 

5. Glitter Hair

The latest fad lets you feel like a fairy. Our glitter addiction has moved from clothes and accessories to hair. It's stylish and magical. 

6. The Eton Crop

The roaring 20s saw this stunning aesthetic. The shortest "bobbed" hairdo. It was called after English schoolboy hairstyles. The moniker "the boyish bob" is also true.

7. The Mohawk

This is evident. The Mohawk may be the craziest hairdo ever. The style is unique. The fashionistas know how to stick out. 

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