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7 Ways You're damaging Your Gray Hair

don't get regular trims

Cuts should be done every eight to 10 weeks. Regular haircuts will keep your ends healthy and your hairdo healthy. Split ends can produce dry, frizzy hair if you don't cut.

you are washing your hair too often

Don't wash your gray hair every day. Over-washing might harm gray hair. It removes the scalp's natural oils, which keep hair healthy and preserved.

your are using blue shampoo

Shampoo type matters too. Our experts say the largest error gray-haired folks make is using blue shampoo instead of purple or violet.

you don't use a detox shampoo

Detox washes remove product buildup, oils, and debris more thoroughly than conventional shampoos. Gray hair requires weekly use.

Gray hair is porous and absorbs blue shampoo, turning it blue. Purple shampoo keeps gray hair from yellowing and white hair brilliant.

not giving oil to your hair

Oil can help gray hair stay smooth and lustrous. Oil softens vegetables."Oil softens and tames wiry hair.

you have all one length hair

Blunt cuts are popular, but gray hair needs layers. Your hair won't have'movement' without layers.

You style your hair too often

Over-styling gray hair might harm it. Over-styling gray hair can make it frizzy. Curls can help. Curly hair should be air-dried with curl cream.

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