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7 Ways To Make Your Eyeshadow Pop

1. Eye Primer

It's vital, so you've heard this advise a million times. Eye primers prolong eye makeup and enhance eyeshadow color.

Instead of a translucent eyeshadow primer, use a colored one for more pigment.

2. Use Lid Concealer

To improve things, we applied our Magic Wand Waterproof Concealer on our eyelids a shade or two lighter than our skin tone.

3. Try Stamp-and-Blend

The perfect eyeshadow technique can set sail and anchor your dream pigment on your eyelids.

4. Layer Eyeshadow

Layering makeup products can maximize color payoff. Try adding powder eyeshadow to cream eyeshadow for your next eyeshadow experiment.

5. Eyeshadow Base

Eye pencils can help you make eyeshadow pop. Use Kohl Of Honour Intense Kajal pencils as a basis on your lids for a brighter look.

For smokey eye looks, combine dark brown or black on your lids to achieve the appropriate amount of feistiness. Use a soft white or colored eye pencil for a fun, colorful look!

6. Wet Eye Makeup Brush

Wet eyeshadow brushes catch pigment twice as well as dry ones. To lock in color, wet or spritz your brush. Avoid soaking brushes by dampening it just enough.

7. Liquid Formulas

Liquid and cream products make combining powder mattes and shimmers easier. Our Eye Love Jelly Eyeshadows have great pigmentation, dry matte, and blend well.

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