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7 Trending Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair

quiff hairstyle

Balanced quiff hairstyles save thin hair. It saves your hair with a disheveled texture that may be maintained with regular haircuts and washes.

big buzz cut

This clean hairstyle resembles your summer vacation haircut from school and can be maintained wherever and anytime with no effort.

bushy edge hair

This trendy haircut for guys with thin hair conceals thin hair in a stylish yet informal fashion. Thick hair from all sides increases height.

tapered hair with multi layer

Though thin hair is a worry, you cannot compromise on your appearance. Your hair will seem fuller with this multi-layering on top and tapered sides.

posh peppy haircut

This classy, cheerful hairstyle brings back your youthful looks and helps you stand out in meetings and clubs. This hairstyle doesn't require much hair maintenance.

push back hairstyle

This hairdo adds a fresh hair cosmetic to your routine. Hair gel or moose is needed to maintain hair in place.

This variation of your grandpa's backcombed hair can be done even with thinning hair. This makes the hair seem backwards yet arranged from day to night.

tapered side with short spikes

Front spikes and tapering ends disguise thinning hair. Short spikes are easier to manage for thinning hair.

If you want spikes, always have hair gel or mousse. For well-groomed spikes that match the rest of your hair, have a professional do the initial set.

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