7 Most Controversial Pepsi Ads

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"Live for Now"—the Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad

One Pepsi can't bring world peace. One of the most expensive and tone-deaf Pepsi advertisements ever seems to say that.

Drink Pepsi, ladies, to stay thin

This 1957 Pepsi advertisement is dated. It would be funny if this were a 1950s-themed spoof instead of a Pepsi ad for American ladies

The Cindy Crawford spot

The ad portrays two young guys ogling Cindy Crawford, in her mid-20s at the time, as she seductively drinks Pepsi.

Madonna's "Like a Prayer" ad

Madonna's "Like a Prayer" was included in a Pepsi commercial during the 31st Grammy Awards in 1989.

There was no purpose to link Pepsi and Madonna other than to utilise her reputation to sell drink ($5 million for her).

Pepsi MAX misses the mark

This commercial begins with a lady trying to encourage her partner's healthy habits by changing his hamburger for soap and filling his face with a pie.

Vending Machine

A youngster buys two cans of Coke to stand tall enough to reach a Pepsi vending machine button. It's very screwed up when you look closer.

Mountain Don't

The commercial portrayed an abused lady trying to identify her perpetrator in a lineup but being too fearful to do so.

The goat suspect is meant to be hilarious, but he's voiced by a "street" actor. The goat is surrounded by black males. This commercial was quickly withdrawn after causing uproar.

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