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7 Mistakes Men Make at the Gym


Given how rushed many of us are for time, it's tempting to skip warmups and want to get "in and out" when it comes to working out.

avoiding dumbbells

If your entire gym routine revolves around machines, you are doing it wrong. While there is a place for machine-based exercises in fitness programs

many repetitions

I am the last person to completely ban a certain type of exercise or workout. However, for most male fitness goals involving strength and muscle growth

isolation exercises

You should try to include no more than two or three isolation exercises in a workout and put them after your compound exercises such as squats, pullups


Cardio is good for all of us, right? Well, yes and no. Doing aerobic exercise is certainly beneficial for your health. 

skipping flexibility

I get it—stretching sucks. But not stretching is one of the worst mistakes men make at the gym that crush their progress.

workout schedule

The perfect workout program you never do is worthless for your gains.

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