7 Makeup Tips To Make Your Forehead Looks Smaller

A bright blush may draw attention to your brow. Make a blush on your cheeks. Work the product upwards for slight lifting.

A Touch of Blush

This photo editing approach works great. For a more sculpted forehead, apply darker foundation to the temples and hairline.

Foundation that is darker

Highlighting is an easy method to draw attention away from a large brow.


Thinner cheekbones draw attention away from your forehead and into the center of your face.

Cheeks that have been chiseled

Apply a bronzer powder that is 3-4 shades darker than your skin tone. Apply it diagonally from the middle of the cheek to the ear.

Bronzer is the quickest way to shorten your brow. A bronzer must be matte and three shades darker than your skin to be visible.


Using a tapered blush brush, apply bronzer to your temples and hairline. This approach helps to strengthen bones. It narrows your large brow.

Apply eye makeup that is enticing to draw attention away from your forehead and accentuate your eyes. Makeup for your eyes may instantly alter the shape of your face.

Stunning Eyes

Applying a bright pink or coral lipstick on your lips immediately takes attention away from your broad brow! Just keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum.

Play With Your Lips

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