7 Makeup Tips To Make Your Eyeshadow Look Brighter

Eye primer finishes vary. A skin tone variance may balance out eyelid pigmentation and make makeup pop. White or pastel primers make eyeshadows pop.

Eye Primer

Eyeshadow bases are popular for brightening eyeshadows. Eye primers and eyeshadow bases have distinct formulas. Creamy and thick.

Eyeshadow Base

Eye pencils can foundation eyeshadows. This approach is perfect if you don't have an eye primer or eyeshadow foundation or are on a budget.

White Eye Pencil

White eye pencils work well as eyeshadow primers. Their velvety composition helps makeup stick to them. Since they are opaque and cover eyelid pigmentation, they boost eyeshadow color intensity.

Black eye pencils enhance eyeshadow like white ones. Pale eyeshadows change color when applied on darker bases like black, therefore apply it just for deeper and smoldering eyeshadows.

Black Eye Pencil

This easy trick brightens eyeshadows. Double-layering eyeshadow instantly brightens and pops.


To dry your makeup brush, gently blot it on a clean tissue paper. Wetting the brush too much can make your eyeshadows run.

Wet It

The velvety, skin-toned concealer makes an excellent eyelid basis. It helps eyeshadows stick to your lids and evens out pigmentation for a brighter color.


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