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7 Lower Back Stretches to Reduce Pain

Child’s Pose

This traditional yoga pose gently stretches your gluteus maximus, thigh muscles, and spinal extensors.


Place a cushion under your head for extra padding. If your arms can't reach your leg, you can also wrap a towel around it.

Stretch Piriformis

This stretch works the deep muscle in your buttocks called the piriformis. Stretching this muscle may help relieve pain and tightness in your buttocks and lower back.

Seated spinal twist

This classic twist stretches your hips, glutes, and back. It gives your spine more flexibility and stretches your abs, shoulders, and neck.

Pelvic tilt

When you do pelvic tilts, your abdominal muscles get stronger. This helps ease pain and tightness in your lower back.


Cat-Cow is a great way to wake up your spine while also stretching your shoulders, neck, and chest.

Sphinx stretch

The sphinx stretch is a gentle backbend that lets you be active and calm at the same time. This baby backbend stretches your spine, buttocks, and chest and makes them stronger.

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