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7 Hairstyles To Make Your Round Face Look Slimmer

hairstyle 1

If you have a round face, a side fringe with airy waves is the best way to make it look smaller. You've been waiting for this sure thing.

hairstyle 2

This style blends parts of a side part and a middle part, and its waves have great shape. The length is perfect for your beautiful round face.

hairstyle 3

Always go for straight, smooth hair. For this look, straighten your hair and cut a deep side part. If you have an edge on one side, you get extra points.

hairstyle 4

If you have a round face, bangs can be risky, but these are the right length and shape.

This haircut is great for people with round faces because it won't make them look even fuller.

hairstyle 5

If you have a round face and want to wear your hair up short, this is the look for you. Even if you have a round face, you shouldn't be afraid to get a pixie cut.

hairstyle 6

Another choice for people who like their hair short. The bob and the side fringe are two of our favorite hairstyles, and you can see them both here.

hairstyle 7

If you want to try something new, give your short hair thick layers and a fringe on one side.

If you have a round face, you know that the best way to make it look smaller is with a side fringe.

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