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7 Elegant Two-Tone Hair Color Ideas to Look Unique

A chic-yet-playful look? The hair color starts with purple on top, then pink, then purple again. Straight, stylish side-parted hair.

Chic Pink and Purple

Natural Brown to Turquoise

The brilliant turquoise ends give a natural brown appearance a two-tone brilliance. Asymmetrical turquoise gives the curly hair a fascinating appeal.

Blue to Purple Long Locks

In this center-parted long hairdo, blue and purple look wonderful together.

Blue hair becomes dark purple halfway down the face. Definitely eye-catching hues.

Red and Purple Bob

Purple and red are also great together. This trendy bob has crimson streaks and sweeping bangs.

Pink and Blonde Curls

This style emphasizes pink. This two-tone haircut is curly, bright, and natural-looking blonde. It's ideal for someone who's outgoing and friendly.

Long Bob with Red Ombre

A straight, long, bluntly cut bob with predominantly natural brown hair. It stands out with red ends. This is a nice first two-tone dye job.

Bubblegum Curls

This pastel purple to bubblegum pink wavy haircut is a classic bubblegum aesthetic. 

This style's two tones look great with the hair's loose curls and touch of dark roots.

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